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Firdous - Attor Perfume Oil - 15ml

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Firdous - Attor Perfume Oil - 15ml

Al Haramain - Firdous 15ml Concentated Perfume. Free from Alcohol.

Brand: Al Haramain

Category: Halal Perfume

Made in: UAE

Made for: UAE

Price: 550 tk.

In Stock Delivery Period: 5 Working Days

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To stay grounded in times of success reflects a sensible mindset. Making the world a better place in your own small way takes enormous gumption. While your goals may veer towards overtly impractical at some point, it won’t conceal your sensitive and well-meaning intentions. Just like the inspiring aroma of Haramain Firdous, that radiates an impression of resoluteness without the flashiness of a wannabe, and remains with us long after the objective has been realized.