Tips and Tricks to Earn Money from Branoo Affiliate Program
Jul 26 2015

It's not so easy to from affiliate program like Branoo, Filpcart, Amazon, ebay etc compared to contextual advertisement like google adsense. But If you keep patience, surely can earn 5000 to 1000 taka easily and there have no doubt about this. Patience is the important part for you to earn money from an affiliate program. When you're using a roll, then do not need to bother about your upcoming commission.  I Would like to share my practical knowledge that will help you to earn something through branoo affiliate program.

1. A blog or website with good Bangladeshi traffic (a minimum 500-1000 page views per day).


Branoo affiliate program is exclusively for Bangladeshi websites and blogs. 10,867,567 people are using the internet from Bangladesh. (Source: So it’s a huge opportunity to sell product online.  If your site has enough visitors from Bangladesh, then definitely you should try branoo affiliate program.

2. You need to place your affiliate product link according to the content in your website or blog.

If your blog is about for beauty, then need to place product banner or links like cosmetic or beauty related products. 

3. Choose the right banners or product links. Filter your research with a keywords and pick by considering the review or rating of the products. Keep in mind, simply placed products that really help your visitors.

Selling price is really a main factor for choosing the product. For that reason include the products using wide range with price that's from low priced, medium to high.

4. Customize your links or banners according to your website background that impress your customers.

5. Use the links or banners that offering discount prices. It will help your visitors to buy products at a cheaper price.

6. You can include branoo search bar widget in your 'most visited' pages or posts.

7. Crate your own widget which displays best offers like deal of the day. This is a much better way than static banners offered by branoo.

8. Never put too many banners of links as it may typically reduce your income form other ads like Google adsense.

9. Always keep updated your banners or links specifically on your home page according to seasons, festival offers and so on.

10. Attempt promoting those products that will bring benefit to the customer.